Game Submission

We welcome all indie developers to submit their games to be exhibited on our show floor. Please read the following requirements and submission form carefully.

Basic Requirements

  • Registration is free and indie developers from all over the world are welcome.
  • All developers must be able to send 2 or 3 representatives to attend the event in Montreal. Please check the Event Information page for the date and the location.
  • All developers must bring their own equipment (laptop, controllers, etc.) and they are fully responsible of their equipments. We will provide you with table space and power outlets, but no Internet connection. Make sure your game runs offline.
  • All games must have been released within the last year or must be in development. If the game is in development, the game need to be at a stage where it's still satisfying to play.
  • All developers must own the intellectual property of their game.

Game Submission Form

Montreal Independent Games Awards

If your game is accepted and you come participate to the event, you are eligible to win a MIGA.


Q. What kind of game can we show?
A. Since this event is meant for a public of various ages, we ask that your game does not show explicit adult content (ESRB equivalent of 18+ Adult Only Game). Horror games are welcome but we might move you to a designated section.

Q. Can we sell game related items to the public?
A. Yes, as long as the space does not compromise the display of your game and the space of other developers around you. The MIGF takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Q. Is this event only for developers in Montreal?
A. No, this event is open to all indie developers from around the world that are able to travel to Montreal.

Q. We want to submit our game but we are not sure if we are indie...
A. If your development team is less than 50 people and you are financially independent then you fit our criteria.

Q. I've submitted my game but I'm not getting any answers, why?
A. Please keep in mind that due to the number of applications, it might take some time before you get an answer; and also we will only contact studios that have their game accepted.

Q. Why was my game not accepted?
A. Most likely it might be because we came to the conclusion that your game is not at a stage where it would be fun and satisfying for a large audience. If that is the case, we highly encourage you to submit your game again the following year.