The Montreal Independent Game Awards (MIGA) is an annual awards ceremony open to the public that offer various activities centered around the theme of indie games. The main activity is awards giving to various independent game studios from Montreal and from around the world. The main goal of the MIGA is to provide visibility for indie game developers and provide awareness of the indie scene to the public.

Disclosure: The MIGA was founded by Osama Dorias and Salim Larochelle. All of our organisers, sponsors and partners will not be eligible to win awards.

Call to Volunteers

We need help during the event! We are talking about fun stuff like monitoring doors and moving tables. If you are interested to help us, please contact us with a link to your CV, portfolio or LinkedIn page.
All volunteers will receive a t-shirt to wear during the event and to keep.

Call to Sponsors

Please contact us to learn more about our sponsor program for our next event. We have various options and privileges for our sponsors such as sponsored awards, exclusive mentions and booth space. You can read about our sponsor program here.

Contact us if you have any questions, comments or feedback!

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